Important information

Congratulations! You have chosen for the design and/or printing of your thesis.

On this page you will find the important things you need to know before you deliver us your files:

  • Checklists for delivering your files
  • Request for an ISBN
  • Order specifications
  • Colophon page
  • Wishes for the lay-out

Your package includes: 1 technical check of the files and 1 hour guidance.


Technical check

With the technical check we will advice you about your files and whether they are ready to print or not. When your files are not ready to print you have to make sure you adjust the files or ask us to do this for you. When this is done you can order your test book or whole order.
Attention: we will not run a second technical check. We assume that you will deliver files that are ready to print. When they are not ready to print and you want us to adjust your files so they are ready to print, please let us know in time.


A series of contact moments will take place which you can schedule yourself.

Checklists for delivering your files

Here you will find the checklists you need for delivering your files. We hold on to the time schedule we made in the quotation, if you will not make these deadlines please inform us within 24 hours before the start of this schedule (if you did not inform us in time we must calculate 20% extra form the total price on the invoice because the printing department has to schedule extra free time).

There are two checklists: a checklist for delivering your files when you do the design yourself and a checklist for delivering your files when we will design the files for you. Make sure you will follow the checklist that applies to your situation.

Attention: when you want to send your files, send them to If the files are bigger then 8MB, please send them with

The checklist when you want to design your files: Files-designed-by-Proefschriftmaken_checklist

Request for an ISBN

If you want to request an ISBN  then we need the following form filled in. After sending the information you will receive the ISBN from us. It is your responsibility that this ISBN is inserted in your files.

We are very sorry that the NUR-List (attached to the email) is only in Dutch. We do not have this one in English, but maybe a Dutch colleague can assist you in this choice?


When you want to order a test book or the whole order you need to fill in the orderform: This form can be sent to

Attention: Make sure you will keep the deadlines that are communicated in the time schedule in your quotation so you prevent any delay or extra costs.

Attention: When you order the testbook or whole order you can not cancel it anymore. Make sure you will send the final files for the order. If you do want to cancel the order this will entail additional costs.


In the colophonpage we would like to see the following information (only use those options that apply to your thesis):
Cover design:                             || Digiforce Vianen
Printed & Lay Out by:               ||Digiforce Vianen
Published by:                                      Digiforce /, Vianen

Wishes for the lay-out

For the design of your files we need to know what we need to design for you, make sure you completely fill in this form so we know what to do: Design Wishes Form.

Design Help

If you want us to help you with the design you can fill in this form so that we know what parts we can help you with. (Additional price if not mentioned in your quotation).