Hyperlinked PDF, eBook, ePub or App

As a PhD student you need to hand in an ‘x’ amount of printed copies of your thesis.  A part of these printed copies are for your friends, family and colleagues. From now on you can choose to publish your thesis digitally. This way you can spread your thesis easily, environmentally friendly and relatively cheap. Proefschriftmaken.nl offers you the opportunity to publish your thesis digitally.

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You can choose between five different kinds of digital publications, namely: the hyperlinked PDF, the eBook, the Pub basic, the Pub extensive and the app. This page provides you of all the information about these digital publications. Do you have any questions? Please feel free tot contact us.

ePub extensive

The ePub basic can be expended with various enrichments. Proefschriftmaken.nl can take care of the entire design of your thesis. You can choose to add various additions such as photos as a slideshow, internal and external links, videos, forms and animations such as rollovers. Download an example of a thesis as an ePub.

ePub basic

The ePub can be opened as an eBook on an e-reader, Apple or Google tablet. The advantage of an ePub is that it has a fixed format. This means that the layout does nut adjust to the screen. Because the thesis consists of references to pages, tables and images, a fixed format is very important.

Hyperlinked PDF

The hyperlinked PDF consists of a PDF with a very practical enrichment. Proefschriftmaken.nl provides the table of contents of your thesis with hyperlinks. Thanks to this hyperlinked table of contents, the reader can easily navigate through the thesis. In addition, the cover and back of the thesis will be included in the book as the first and last page. Download an example of a hyperlinked PDF.


The thesis as an eBook can bes een as an online flip book with hyperlinks. Just like with a real book, you can browse through your dissertation as an eBook. This can be done by clicking to the next page with the arrows or by internal hyperlinks. Proefschriftmaken.nl also offers the ability to expand the eBook with external hyperlinks. View an example here.


Finally, you can choose to publish your thesis as an app. Your thesis is designed as an application. This means that your thesis can be downloaded as an app via the Apple store for both tablets and smartphones. The app consists of an icon followed by a homepage and your dissertation. The app also includes a hyperlinked table of contents.